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Originally Posted by teonguyen View Post
Hi Hobby! Just a quick question and hope you can help me clarify on this. According to the chart for T5HO, At 21'' above the substrate the Catalina 4 bulbs give 80 micromols ; the Catalina 3 bulbs gives approx 62 micromols. Does this mean turn all bulbs on will give that certain PAR value or we multiply the PAR by number of bulbs ? Thank you
The PAR numbers in those charts are for the actual light fixtures, with a full complement of bulbs. The exceptions are the ATI 4 bulb fixture, which had only 3 bulbs in it, and the calculated PAR shown for one bulb for Tek and Catalina lights. That last one for the Tek lights is usable by multiplying the number of bulbs by the PAR per bulb. But, Catalina uses different shaped reflectors in various light fixtures, so the number is only good for those with similar reflectors (the one bulb Catalina lights appear to use the most different reflector shape.)

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