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10 Gallon Reef Tank Live Rock

Greetings, I wanted to share my 10 Gallon Reef Tank Live Rock setup. My setup is only 3 days old. You can see my dead rock in the background. I will be adding more dead rocks to be seeded and I am thinking of adding some zoanthid polyps, ricordea, mushrooms, frogspawn (euphyllia) as well as other soft corals. I will be modding the Aquaclear 50 filter into a refugium. This video was filmed on a iPhone 4 @ 720p. Below is a link to my video of the tank.


The Set Up--
Aquaclear 50 filter
Koralia Nano 240
2X28 fixture 1 12k bulb and 1 actinic bulb
Arag-Live Fiji Pink Sand

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