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Originally Posted by zankotsu View Post
I think my tank is a little warm for a fast-stream loach, but they do look pretty neat. I'm considering a couple of Yoyo loaches and a few Amano shrimp once I get more plant action happening.

I can only choose between the Petco in town and the LFS, which has black hairy algae on their false plants D: Between you and me, would you recommend ordering fish online?
Doesn't have to be between you and me, but I'll say this. Up until my joining these forums a few months ago, I had never bought anything live over the internet. I find it completely superior to buy plants online due to better selection and quality. As far as buying fish are concerned, I have yet to buy fish online, HOWEVER, for the nano tank I have in the works, I figure that in order for me to get the fish I want I will have to order online, and I am okay with this. Sure, shipping will cost a bit but I figure that I'd rather spend a little more money to ensure that I get what I want, instead of being at the mercery of what is or is not available in the lfs I can bother going to.

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