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first pond..need some advice

Hello all, my Wife has decided she wants a, in fact she is allready digging. I would have liked to have more time to read up more as I havent done anything with ponds, so I need a quick and dirty crash course. any advice iswonderful but please include pitfalls I need to be aware of.

She wants some plants in the actual pond in containers
She wants some fish, not sure what at this point but probabally Koi in the future

The dimensions will probabally be around 6 x 10
not sure of the depth, we are in MN do I have to go 36 inches to winter over fish?

she wants a waterfall/stream, I am espically intersted in the building of this, I havent found anything good on it yet

I am looking at a bog filter for this, should it be attached to the waterfall, incorperated into the pond, or a seperate feature

I will update more as we get going, thanks for all your input


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