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Originally Posted by OverStocked View Post
Where are the anubias or cypress? If you want 1000 dollars for something the least you could do is take a decent pic. I don't see any anubias in that pic. I don't even see the whole tank in that pic. Let alone the things that are making this a 1000 dollar tank.

Wait, I maybe see some anubias in the center.

Define "hundreds" of them. Are we talking hundreds of leaves? Or what?

He has RCS, not CRS. They are not 1 dollar per shrimp. Particularly with hundreds of them.

I can without a doubt say that there are not 500 dollars in plants in that aquarium.
Are you interested in those plants, or it is for you solely a matter for discussion of a sort? Those Anubias are attached to the back wall ( cork) as well as two stumps.

You are right, this is not a pic of the tank in question....
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