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Originally Posted by Aheartlessfish View Post
so i was in philly today with some friends for shopping and eating purposes and i ran across a fish store near Franklin mills mall. Believe its called something like "Fish & Aquarium in Bensalem". I must say i was very sad. Tanks were totally covered in algae, selection was horrid. If anyone knows the owner they should speak with them. If i ran a petstore i would never let my tanks get to that point (not to mention there wasnt that many). Need i say no one ever greeted me nor asked if i needed any help.

On the nicer side, i believe they own a small used aquariums and supplies warehouse about 2 minutes down the street. Although very small, had some nice high end stuff for the freshwater planted/saltwater lovers for a decent price, although ebay/forums would probably be the better choice. I am always a huge fan of used supplies Although i didnt buy anything, just wanted to share my adventure.

I didnt have much time to spend in philly, nor did i drive, so i didnt visit any of my regular routine stores or bills petshop. Just wanted to share my 2 cents
Yeah, bensalem aquarium has been garbage for years. And the place down the street is owned by another store. Personally, i thought they were over priced for what they had, unless you're a reefer, then their prices are reasonable.
Sorry, bill's aquarium was closed due to the fact that the owner is in cape may. But if i knew you were coming out, i would have made arrangements with my son to show you my tanks. Give me notice next time you're in town
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