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Cool Well, lets take this ad apart:

Originally Posted by bitFUUL View Post
180 gal. tank with stand = +/- $400 -500

Hundreds of Anubias b.nana petite - lets say 200 x $ 2.50 = $500

Hundreds of CRSes, lets say 300 x $1 = $300

Now Stiphodons are at the average $10 ea.( I've seen his tank!) and there are at least 40 Stiphodons = $ 400

Other equipment and lights I estimate to be worth at least $ 300

There are a large clumps of Cryptocorynes and a lot of Narrow Java Fern as well as three pieces of intricate cypress stumps overgrown with Nana petites, not to mention about 200 stems of Ludvigia 'Red" hybrid, which still sell on this Forum for $2 ea....

So what's there to laugh about?
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