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28G Techy Tank Attempt

Hey, I wanted to throw together a journal of my fish tank progress since just before going high tech to today. I have been working on some technology to automate my fish tank. My goal is to eventually have a tank that takes care of itself.

I'm constantly learning new things about this hobby and I welcome any suggestions. I have really learned a lot from the other journals and discussions on this forum and for those, thank you.

I have been in this hobby for about 10 years. My tank stayed largely the same for a number of years until I finally made the change to a high tech tank. Basically I was a poor student up until recently.

Tank:20 Gallon Long
Plants: Jungle Val, Java Fern, Some Mystery plant
LiveStock: 6x Scissor Tail Rasbora, 2x Kribansis

Fast forward to 2012, I decided to go high tech. I decided to go for an LED light fixture from RapidLED. That design is shown here.
Complete DIY LED (with pics)

I went with Green leaf to get a full CO2 setup, and diffuser.

While this was on order, I started building a custom CO2 Controller. Its currently implemented, but it's not tidy. Its been a pile of circuit boards and wires for a couple of months. This should change this week as I have some time.

The result for 07/04/2012
Plants: Anubias Nana, Crypts, Java Fern, Cyperus Helferi?, Jungle Vallisneria
Substrate: Changed over from stony gravel to Eco-Complete. I did this by draining out the water, adding it all the Eco-complete into a pile on one side, and the old gravel on the other. I would scoop out the old gravel of the course of 2 weeks. No fish loss, except one scissor tail that suicided out of the bucket I was storing them in during the initial substrate dump.

Around this time, I upgraded to a 29 gallon tank and proper stand.
I also did some research and started with fertz. I'm following the EI method, with a regiment of:
1/4 tsp KNO3
1/16 tsp KH2PO4
1/16 tsp K2SO4
1/32 tsp MgSO4
1/16 tsp CSM+B
During water changes I add an extra 1/2 tsp CaNO3 and 1/2 tsp MGSo4 as my water is basically RO here in Victoria BC.
Filter: Fluval 206
Fish: I found my other fish a nice home, then got 15 neon Tetras, 7 Panda Cories, 3 otos, 2 assassin snails

At this point, I discovered that I need root tabs. I used the flourish root tabs, and all of the crypts finally stopped melting. It took me a while to realize that eco-complete holds nutrients, it doesn't really come with them.

I hope to package my fish tank controller soon, so that it looks like more than a bunch of wires. Its step one for automating my whole fish tank. The steps for the future are day/night cycle with changing brightness, auto dosing, overflow and auto top up. I'm looking forward to getting there.

Thanks for reading,

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