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sunyang730 - Sorry, I was not clear, I have multiple tanks, so will breed the shrimp in a non-fish tank. As Hoppy mentioned, the plants I'll be starting won't require DSM.

raven_wilde - Interesting that both the species you mentioned are originally from Myanmar - but it did say they like soft water - pretty sure we have hard water around here.

exv152 - Thanks for the clarification on what heavily planted means. Regarding ferts, the logs I've read indicate that a low-light, non-CO2, MTS substrated tank won't require any ferts beyond potassium once in a while. Maybe with non-MTS you require ferts?

I went out to pick stuff up today. Clay, check. Dirt, check. Potash/dolomite, check, arrived in the mail today (thanks Nilocg!). However, the blasting grit I picked up was the wrong kind, so had to return it. This weekend, if time permits, I will start the MTS process.

I also stopped by Big Al's with my shopping list...and decided I'll have to source plants from local growers - the prices were 4x or more what I've seen online! Yeek.

They also did not have any RCS. Hm.

Hopefully I can find enough local growers to supply plants and shrimpies.
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