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Originally Posted by raven_wilde View Post
Have you ever seen Dale Chihuly's garden installations? I like them because he is not necessarily trying to imitate nature so much as compliment it. Something worth thinking about in terms of your project here.

Anyway, I like where you are going with this and I look forward to seeing more. I definitely think that you could make a killer tank for glo-light danios/tetras this way
Oh yes Mr. Dale Chihuly. He was the first American Glass blower invited into the Venician School in Italy. I don't want to immulate his work too much because he has had a history of taking artists to court for making work too similar to his. He has a lot of money dedicated to patents and stuff. It's quite a pain to be honest. Many of his fellow glass blowers who worked for him got sewed by him, such as William Morris, one of my favorite artists.

I absolutely agree with that concept thought that the glass can compliment natural and nut just replicate it. I want to do as many as possible.

Originally Posted by Yamaz View Post
how about hooking up a airline to the branches so you can see bubble? it could be a very cool bubble counter for co2.
or something like this
That is totally do-able. I would have to make a blown piece so it would be hollow on the inside and then you just have to put the hose up to it.

Great idea!

Originally Posted by Yamaz View Post
Glass shrimp omG! hahah that's funny.

Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Well start with a general philosophy and stick with it to the logical conclusion.
You like and make glass as art, you like aquariums, I think some aspects might seem artificial to you as a fish/plant biology hobbyists, but art does not suggest or imply any such bounds.

You can start with the tank which is glass, plants which can be lit from below with LED's, suspend fish, some small fleck son the surface to emulate current and have a fan to make them "wiggle".

Well that is the rub as no one has done it like I suggest. That one old one eye SOB that blows those large displays that are yard art sized stuff, he's got his entire career based on that.

He puts a lot of effort into it, I think plants would be well worth the reward and push you artistically with glass.

Don't you? Alternate vs opposite leaves, colors, rosette plants etc.

Coral is yet another way to go, anything Biological as this is art itself and you can try to form the critters and plants etc.

Heck, making bugs out of glass, or a life size cat, or a squirrel? Sounds simple, but how many have you seen? Any done well?
Then there's the fusing of colors and iridescent's onto glass, back lighting etc.

Do a Jackson Pollard out of glass instead of paint.

Many cools things you can do with this media.
You have the right approach there, I do love glass and I do love aquariums haha.

Your are referring to glass plants. I have made flower and dragons before but not just regular plants. I've had to make leaves....but that's about it. It's absolutely possible. I think it would be a lot of work to create a set up that detailed. Mainly because of how expensive it would be to buy. I mean if I could the right person looking for it why not.

I can make a few test leaves just to see how they will come out, the large fan leaved plants will be easier to make.

There is this glass master who makes glass owels, there is another one that makes horses, a few other that specialize in such critters but not all animals have been made out of glass. Mainly fish have but not in great detail. It's an entire subject that needs to be explored. Once i get a little more money and time I am more than open to be the one who does it. Sculpting things such as animals like that is not very difficult but it is time consuming and you must dedicate a good while to getting everything right.

I've done a Jackson Pollock style on a vase I've sold before. One of my favorites. Good thoughts here. I really like where all this is headed.

Originally Posted by CatB View Post
i think when the glass filter was suggested, if i read it correctly, it was meant as glass intake/outflow... not the entire filter made of glass. kind-of like lily pipes c:

anyways, this is a really nice idea and really well-executed! it's about time someone made aquarium ornaments that were less tacky and more artful
Thanks! That is the idea get away from tacky and get into the beautiful world of art. That is what aquascaping is afterall, it's own form of art.

Yea that is a good idea. I could make intake and outflows that LOOK GOOD and play into the tank. This is where I think the idea about the plants/animals and stuff would come in. I can make the outake look like a water fall or a plant and the intake look like flowers or plants or something.

Wow man this is really going somewhere. I'm going to have to set aside a lot of studio time to make some of this stuff just to see!


In other news I may get a 75 gallon tank today!

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