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Some shots from the past couple months:




Crypt hudoroi

For a while I was keeping two distinct kinds of nurii. Not sure if one is considered "pahang mutated" as they were both purchased as simply nurii. This type is low growing, vividly patterned pinks, oranges and greens...quite nice.

Immersed spathe (unfortunately wasn't in town to see if this opened or not)

And this other type grew taller, had less patterning, and blood red stems.

In june/july I had to leave the tank unattended without ferts/co2 for three weeks. I lowered the light cycle and when I came back there was surprisingly minimal damage aside from plants greening up and some ranunculus melting. I decided it was time to rescape anyway and gifted the elatine, hydrocotyle, blyxa, and ranunculus to make room for new stuff.

Crypt nurii and affinis

My favorite


Added Persicaria "Sao Paulo" and Hyptis lorentziana I received from crazydaz. They arrived with a bonus Ludwigia hybrid as well. The stems were just planted in this pic and hadn't adjusted to the light yet.
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