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Originally Posted by Termato View Post
So you are suggesting EVERYTHING made of glass. Now that would be something. Completely do-able too.
Well start with a general philosophy and stick with it to the logical conclusion.
You like and make glass as art, you like aquariums, I think some aspects might seem artificial to you as a fish/plant biology hobbyists, but art does not suggest or imply any such bounds.

You can start with the tank which is glass, plants which can be lit from below with LED's, suspend fish, some small fleck son the surface to emulate current and have a fan to make them "wiggle".

The plants would be very expensive, because in order to make them look good I would have to put a lot of time into them. Real plants are thing and have some nice detail. I could make coral easier out of glass.
Well that is the rub as no one has done it like I suggest. That one old one eye SOB that blows those large displays that are yard art sized stuff, he's got his entire career based on that.

He puts a lot of effort into it, I think plants would be well worth the reward and push you artistically with glass.

Don't you? Alternate vs opposite leaves, colors, rosette plants etc.

Salt water set ups like that would be much easier than planted tanks. While I did copyright this as Drift-Glass I have still yet to make my other copyright the Coral-Glass. This will be more like that.

I'm visualizing the planted freshwater aquarium using sand blasted Drift-Glass in order for moss and anubias to grow off of it. The salt water ones could use more of your idea where the entire construction is out of glass. That would just be a dream land of beauty in all honesty!

Here are two videos I just took of the two tanks with the Drift-Glass in it (Note: if you view them now they will have my commentary but later they will have music, their currently editing)
Coral is yet another way to go, anything Biological as this is art itself and you can try to form the critters and plants etc.

Heck, making bugs out of glass, or a life size cat, or a squirrel? Sounds simple, but how many have you seen? Any done well?
Then there's the fusing of colors and iridescent's onto glass, back lighting etc.

Do a Jackson Pollard out of glass instead of paint.

Many cools things you can do with this media.

Tom Barr
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