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I have a glass top, although there was a shield that is available for the fixture I bought, I just don't need it though.

Random little update nugget thingie...I finally figured out what I am doing for dry ferts and am waiting on them to get to me. I'll try and get more pictures and an updated stock list before I start dosing the ferts, then I will try and update at least monthly so that I can keep track of my own progress (or lack thereof lol)
Although, I won't be super excited about this all until I get some CO2 running around christmas time. At least I can get the ferts now so that I can make sure to teach my family members how to do everything while I'm away at college (although I won't be too far from home so its not like I'm leaving completely for months on end)

My hope and prediction, is that I can be fully satisfied with how this tank turns out by the time I have spring break. By then, I am hoping I have all of the plants I plane don having (and then some) alongside healthy growth in everything so that I can trim plants and get things looking how I want them to. Knowing me though, this tank will probably get more on the wild side than the manicured side XD

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