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Originally Posted by rrastro View Post
While I really dig the simplicity and beauty of the smooth pieces I think that texture is where you're going to find most success in planted aquariums. When you say sandblasting I'm imagining that it's after the piece is cooled but I think you could also try adding fine sand to the surface of a hot piece so that it partially fuses. Another thought is streaking or ribbed surfaces on the glass. Finally thought: nubs and / or loops so that people can tie on moss or whatever without having the string slide down the glass. Good luck and send me a sample if any of those ideas float your boat!
I can do the sand texture by sprinkling powder glass color onto it at the very end of the piece. This will make the color not melt but still fuse to the glass. Great suggestion.

streaking or ribbed...on the outside of the glass...The problem I run into it is the easy way to do it comes out uniformed and not natural looking..I will have to think of a way to apply this texture and make it look natural. A lot of people achieve that by using molds, I'm hand sculpting. Great idea though, this would add to the overall natural feel of the sculpture. Wood has a lot of these elements you are describing.

Nubs or loops hmm. I can do that def. That's a GREAT idea! I'll have to make some and then i'll show you what I got

Thank you very much for the wonderful ideas!

Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
the purple piece attracts my attention. while i dont have a place for it in my aquariums. i see sculpted glass blowing as a viable options for many different hardscape ideas.

even iwagumi rocks might be cool as glass
Thank you!

That would be very interesting. Something done like paperweights but organic rock like. This idea can get very complex!

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