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Originally Posted by Indian fern View Post
Prepare for a lot of trimming cause hornwort and watersprite are really fast growers!
I want the trimmings for my larger 30 gallon so its all good!! The 30g isn't set up as well as the 10g for growing plants, but I'm sure hornwort and water sprite will do just fine. Anubias, anarchis, java fern, and flaming moss all do in there :]

Originally Posted by Mk4Gti View Post
Are those CFLs like 6200-6700k range? I think that 1 of them would suffice for a 10 gallon tank, 2 will just cause algae.
No, they are lower than that. Each bulb is only 13 watts, so I think that equals out at about 2700k per bulb.
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