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10g Highly Planted Tank (hopefully)

Tank Specs:
Size: 10 gallon
Lighting: 2 CFL's totaling at 26 watts, about 2 inches above the tank.
Filtration: A cheap HOB filter
CO2: DIY CO2 system, using a Hagen Elite Mini Filter as the diffuser.
Substrate: Flourite only. Do I really need soil under it?
Dosing: Flourish every five days, and Flourish Excel daily to control a recent brown algae issue. I will probably cut back on it soon though.

Anubias Nana - Tied to a rock
Jave Fern - Tied to a Lava Rock
Water Sprite
Wisteria - Really small sprout
Amazon Swords
Telanthera Cardinalis
And the plant next to the Amazon Swords I do not know the name of.. An ID would be great appreciated :]
Flaming Moss (on Lava Rock) Updated 7/27/12

Gold Gourami - 1
Oto Cats - 4
Ghost Shrimp - 3

Most of the plants in the tank were just planted today, July 26, 2012.

Full Tank Shot

Side Tank Shot - Messy hornwort before I cleaned it up

Java Fern

The water looks a little dirty and yellow because I took these photos not long after planting. It's been a few days now though and it looks good.

Tell me what you think, any help is good.

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