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Chew's 20L First Try HiTech

I've had this tank set up for about 3 weeks and I'm still waiting for the ammonia to quit dying down so I figured I'd share . This was mainly for me to just take a shot at doing co2 and to play with plants that I haven't tried before. There's no fish in there yet but I hope to have some in there by mid august.

Tank is a 20L

Substrate: ADA New Amazonia
Filter: Aqueon HOB
Lighting: Coralife 2XT5HO 30"
co2: PB Setup hopefully coming soon, excel until then
ferts: Coming with the pb setup, probably going to do EI.

Dwarf Hairgrass
Water Wisteria
Amazon Swords (Took the runners off another plant so they're here until they outgrow the tank)
Hornwort (for now)

some rili shrimp & some otos. Hoping to get a school of about 20 small fish and gonna get a few amanos.

This is how I set it up when first planting.

And this is how it sits today because I thought the wisteria was blocking the wood too much. Theres only been plants in for a couple weeks and its amazing to see the new growth already.

Already a new runner on Starougyne

And these are the swords that one of my other plants grew. They were about 2" at the biggest before I moved them here, now the largest one is about 5".

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