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Originally Posted by thebuddha View Post
i love finding washed up glass on beaches. you know broken beer bottle pieces that are completely rounded, soft, and scuffed up. it might be neat to add a texture like that to the glass
That would be very interesting. I would just have to be very careful with all the sharp edges. A lot of bottles use pyrex which is not compatible with our kind of glass. I can run into some trouble when mixing that. I can also try and add texture my not fully melting the colors I put onto the glass. I can leave a clump of color completely fused to the piece but not flattened against it.

Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
You might take this a different direction.

Use a nice display tank and use the glass to emulate all the elements of a planted aquarium.

This would free you from aquarium constraints.

You can then use the brown wood like pieces, then the plants themselves can be formed and sold.

Glass grit like gravel.

Glass in/out filters etc and then but of course.......Glass fish(real live ones).

Or just a scene(empty tank, more a display case).
There might be a market for glass art based on aquatic plants.
So you are suggesting EVERYTHING made of glass. Now that would be something. Completely do-able too.

The problem with a all glass filter is the mechanics behind it. I would have to get completely clear parts in order to have a clear filter. I can blow a fish tank probably as big as 10 gallon so that would only be able to be used for bettas and small QT tanks.

The plants would be very expensive, because in order to make them look good I would have to put a lot of time into them. Real plants are thing and have some nice detail. I could make coral easier out of glass.

Salt water set ups like that would be much easier than planted tanks. While I did copyright this as Drift-Glass I have still yet to make my other copyright the Coral-Glass. This will be more like that.

I'm visualizing the planted freshwater aquarium using sand blasted Drift-Glass in order for moss and anubias to grow off of it. The salt water ones could use more of your idea where the entire construction is out of glass. That would just be a dream land of beauty in all honesty!

Here are two videos I just took of the two tanks with the Drift-Glass in it (Note: if you view them now they will have my commentary but later they will have music, their currently editing)

The Fish Apartment
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