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Originally Posted by HighDesert View Post
These are beautiful. I can also see them in marine aquariums in vibrant colors to complement the fish. I think they're a really neat idea! They're blown, I assume?
Yeah that is the problem with the Vibrant colors. They really clash with the natural planted look. It's a real problem.

Yes these pieces are sculpted. It was done using blowing techniques but because this was a solid piece it was not actually blown.

Originally Posted by steven p View Post
Looks cool, ive been looking for 5/6 glass cubes for a modern looking hardscape. These could make wonderful accents. If theyre hollow could you silver fume the inside?

Shhh, but a long time ago, some friends bong stem broke and i wanted to turn the bong into a cave for my fish.. never did, i was worried about my fish gettin some serious munchies or sick from chemical residue.

Edit: you could experiment with dabbing cloth on the soft glass to add texture, though i dont know how easy this will be.
Silver fumes are used in torch / lamp working which is Pyrex. What happens with our color is we reduce it by applying C02. Any kind of burning matter will do that. I personally use newspaper.

Someone actually suggested the texture thing before too, that is a good idea. I can actually sand blast the surface or the glass to make the texture. That would be great. I will have to do this.

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