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I've noticed that I'm getting some Blue rilis now. Some are neon blue like the Blue Jelly, and others have the typical Rili pattern with blue instead of clear middles. I've had two deaths. Both were full size females that seemed healthy. They were separated by like a month with no other deaths, so I think it was either just old age or stress.

Speaking of stress, my AC has been broken all year. I can tell that they're not nearly as happy with me. As the temperatures rose, all of the berries/saddles disappeared. But oddly, the fry didn't. I haven't seen a saddle in my tank for what seems like 2 months, but there's still babies in there that can't be over 2 weeks old.

They're still active and fun to watch, just not breeding. My new AC goes in Tuesday, so they should find relief soon.

I know it seems contrary to most tanks, but I don't have any desire to have a background. I think it looks nice open and airy. I've tried to keep the cords contained, and I think it looks fine. Either way, it's what I like so I'll be keeping it for a while.
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