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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Pomacea diffusa isn't a species that typically eat plants but they obviously create a lot of waste. I keep them in nearly all of my planted tanks with no issues.

The substrate change could definitely be your issue but it could also be that the shrimp were recently shipped to you. No matter the species, shipping is stressful. Especially if they were recently imported. (This is why I don't like to buy shrimp that haven't been allowed to settle in for 3-4 weeks before they get shipped to me. Just a risk I don't like to take.)

And definitely don't vacuum your substrate in a shrimp tank. I wouldn't even try cleaning the surface of it unless it's to remove large chunks of uneaten food. And even then, I'd just use a piece of airline tubing and do it quickly without disturbing the substrate too much.
They certainly ate up my nice downoi when I was keeping them. Out they went and my plants bounced back nicely.

You're assumptions could be right regarding shipping but if shipped "correctly" shrimp suffer very little. It's the water param changes/differences from one person to another that kills the shrimp. I say this because my sources pack very well and the shrimp only take 1 night to get to me via air cargo, insulated boxes with coldpacks, and big bags with lots of O2. If you've bought from me I don't Micky Mouse when it comes to packaging because my packing dept is OCD about it.

Obviously it could be many factors involved when shrimp die but we shouldn't assume things that could vary from seller to seller/ breeder to breeder. That's all.


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