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The First Week

I removed the mysteries and replaced them with the batikis on July 18. I vacuumed the ever living crap out of the substrate because I can't stand mulm and the mysteries live to create it. I even refilled the tank so I could vacuum two more times. I regret not putting in a UGF, but since the tank is on my kitchen counter, I have no place for a canister.

The BVs arrived alive and well on July 19. I dripped them for about four hours because Speedie kept them in liquid rock (I lost count at 8 drops of the GH test). Once in the tank, they were all zooming around, landing on things for a brief moment then taking off again. Not at all what I'm used to with new shrimp. So I turned off their light and let them settle in.

They were still zooming in the morning so I tested my water and all was well. It then hit me that the filters and airstone might be causing too much water movement. The BVs are much more sensitive to strong currents than my RCS. As soon as I significantly dampened the outflow with quilting batting and turned off the airstone, everyone settled down and began foraging. I moved the airstone to the very top of the tank because I want more water movement than I was getting with my filters and the shrimp are tolerating that well.

I couldn't see the shrimp well on the Flourite Dark and even though I love the look of it, I changed to Flourite Black on Sunday. I can see the shrimp better and they look better now. Everyone seemed to take the change well as they all pigged out on corn that night. Even the nerites managed to find the feeding dish and got in on the act.

Unfortunately I woke up to find a dead male yesterday morning. I netted it out and dismissed it. But I also found some beautiful molts, which is a good sign. Later in the day another male tweaked out when I put my hand in to snatch up an unwelcomed MTS. He was doing that uncontrolled, flailing flipping that only sick shrimp do. I sucked him up with the turkey baster and put him in a cup, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was just having trouble molting. No dice. He is also dead. So I checked my params and again all was well. I'm chalking the deaths up to stress from the substrate change.

The good news out of yesterday is that the saddled female totally stuffed with eggs is now so berried she can barely move. I'm hoping for the best, but we all know that first time moms often drop their eggs. I hoping she doesn't so I can snap a photo of eggs with eyes and one up Speedie.

Everyone looks good this morning so I'll feed them later and see if they like kale as much as they like spinach.


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