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Cool 13g Blue Velvet Love (56k warning)

I tore down my 13g collectoritis community and RCS tank in early June to turn it into an OEBT tank. I sold off every piece of unused equipment I had and plants I didn't have a tank for so I could afford them. After about a hundred PMs with Speedie, I was no longer confident that I could keep the OEBTs happy and healthy; so after much deliberation, I decided to buy blue velvet neos instead. I know I can keep them happy and healthy because my RCS colony has been just that for over two years now.

Tank Info

- 13g
- AC 20 x 2 with outflow significantly dampened by layers of quilting batting
- air pump and airstone for a little extra water movement
- stock 15w T8 lighting
- initially Flourite Dark substrate but changed to Flourite Black on July 22 to see shrimp better
- straight up tap water with Prime
- occasional Pfertz micros


- fissidens fontanus
- peacock moss
- flame moss
- mystery moss
- mini Xmas moss

- initially 10 ivory mystery snails to keep the cycle alive while I waited about six weeks for biofilm to build up and mosses to grow in
- currently 22 blue velvet neos and 3 or 4 batiki nerites
- possibly 5 blue ramshorns if the USPS's major screw ups haven't killed them yet


Selling it all!
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