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Originally Posted by Perryboat View Post
I was there myself earlier today, was looking for a fluval 405 hose but they didnt have it. It is a nice store, has plenty of fishes. I wasnt sure if it was Mikezilla who was there today, i was too shy to ask. lol I wonder if they are willing to buy my flowerhorn or maybe exchange for store
I was actually brave enough to ask the day I went in, they told me he only works on Sundays.

I was also considering buying 2 angelfish instead of just one, and I said what if they ultimately don't get along, will you take one back? I didn't even ask for money if I were to do so. The guy was very reluctant to give me a response, I don't think they are over-eager to buy or give store credit to people. So that was why I just bought the one angel. And I might add that he is still super healthy and growing.
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