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Originally Posted by Craigthor View Post
Any torpedo barbs? just thinking about some tank mates for my Jardini and these may be big enough to stay out of the way.

I know you have some Bichirs how do you like them? Thinking I want something else with the Jar just not sure what at this minute.
Can you give me the latin? I am not so great with common names

I ADORE bichir. I ordered some Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri this week. GREAT fish, perfect to go with jars as they stay largely on the bottom and are not ver prone to startling.

Originally Posted by Snowflake311 View Post
I have been looking all over for Pygmy Cory cats. My LFS can't get any right now. Can you get some or know anyone that has them?

Originally Posted by Pooky125 View Post
Pygmy cories aren't in season this time of year. Makes them really hard to get. Wait a few months or try and you'll have your choice on where to pick some up.
At this time of year, it is hard. Also, this year was tough for Peru/South America as the floodwaters were super super high. It made collection of anything small espeically troublesome. I did order some this week, but am doubtful they will come in.
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