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Checking water parameters again:
Ammo: 2.0ppm (not quite 2, but a little less, maybe 1.9)
Nitrite: 0.5ppm

I brought the Ammonia back up to 4ppm yesterday and so far the bacteria can chow down 2ppm of Ammonia within a 24 hour period. Not too bad for seeding the filter

The Green Cabomba is really starting to take off. I'm also starting to see some new growth on the moss as well. I must be doing something right

Ammo: 1ppm
Nitrite: 2ppm

Ammo: 0.25ppm (bringing it back up to 3-4ppm)
Nitrite: 2ppm

Ammo: 0.5ppm (bringing it up to 2-3ppm)
Nitrite: 5+ppm

Ammo: 2ppm
Nitrite: 5+ppm

Ammo: 0.25ppm (bringing it up to 2-3ppm)
Nitrite: 5+ppm

Ammo: 0ppm (bringing it up to 3-4ppm)
Nitrite: 0ppm

Ammo: 0.25ppm (bringing it up to 3-4ppm)
Nitrite: 0.5ppm

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