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Originally Posted by Pottifer View Post
I have a Fluval Spec V and the lighting that came with it is pretty weak. I was wondering if this Epoch Cliplight would be good for my tank, as I'm trying to grow high light plants in it. I will have Co2 and will be dosing. The dimensions of the tank are, 17.2"L x 10.6"H x 6.3"D. Also, I really like the White color of LEDs and 6500k can sometimes look a bit too yellow to me. Would it be better to get the Blue/White bulb over the 6500k? Or is the Blue/White mainly for Reef tanks? And if I do get the Blue/White bulb, would it be suitable for plants like HC and hair grass?? Thanks for the help!!

The blue/white bulb would be an excellent choice. Many people have purchased the blue white bulb for fresh water and have no complaints, as they too were looking for a bulb without the yellowish tint. My only concern is the length of your tank. Surely it will grow HC and other high light plants but your tank is quite long and I would look in to additional lighting for the sides of the aquarium. I've seen high light tanks using this on 12" long aquariums. The 12 gallon long tanks members are using two fixtures.

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