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Time for some new projects!

Well, we're finally in our house and working on some projects.

This weekend we hit up Petco for the last day of their $1/g sale and bought 2x 40g breeders and 2x 20h (thank you Bandera location.)

Right now we're still in the stand design phase since building two six foot stands requires a little planning, but we have somewhat figured out what we'd like to stock them with. We have an open spot though and would love some suggestions (maybe some gudgeons, Will lol).

Right now we want to split the 40 breeders in half and have shrimp (RCS and BTOE) in opposite tanks, and African cichlids and something else sharing the other half of those respective tanks (RCS and Africans, BTOE and something). This way the bioload is smaller than if we had two species of fish in both sides.

As far as the 20 highs go, we're thinking a smaller species of pleco in one and some blue rams we've been working on.

All tanks will be bare bottom and have only the hardscape needed for breeding and various plants that we've been growing, either potted or bunched.

Oh yea, I also wanted to show off the backyard......oh boy do I have room to work Will, I hope you're ready to dig

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