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So I tested water parameters today for cycling purposes:
Ammo: 0.5ppm
Nitrite: 0.1ppm

I guess seeding the filter with a sponge my other shrimp tank helped a bit. Hopefully this is a fast cycle and I can get the Pumpkins sooner than later. I'm adding in more Ammonia today to bring it back up to 3-4ppm.

Originally Posted by dubels View Post
A little warning with shrimp. You are going to want to block the overflow and the little hole below the overflow with some mesh or something to prevent the shrimp from getting in. It is a pain in the but getting them out from the pump area when they are hidding to the left of the pump in the little cave area. Also you might consider modifying the outflow to slow it down a bit. Mine was too much for my rili shrimp.
That did cross my mind and I think I figured out a way to block them off. I grabbed some AC70 sponges and crammed them in there (had to squeeze them in a little bit), but they are blocking off overflow. I haven't checked the hole, thank you for bringing that up and reminding me. I did cram the sponges all the way down so I'm assuming I did cover that hole but I will double check.

How did you block yours off by chance? SS mesh?

I had thought about the outflow. I was thinking just putting something around it to block it a bit off, maybe cut a corner off a sponge and rubber band it. I already have the pump all the way down, but it still seems rather rough for shrimp. My plants don't mind it though.

EDIT: Just shined a light into the little hole and it is blocked off by the sponge. I think I'll be alright

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