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Not sure my new setup really qualifies since I had not thought of it as a blackwater setup, but since the driftwood tannins are making it look that way now and the principal inhabitants will be P. altum, I guess we could include it here. The tank is cycling right now, so the date is right too.

220g with angelfish, rummynose tetras, some shrimp and other cleanup crew undecided.

This is my chance to grow some swords, so Echinodorus martii will be the primary background plant. Crytocoryne balansae, java ferns, some bolbitus, smaller crypts, probably some mosses.

This picture is before any plants:

Filtration is two Eheim 2080 Pro 3. Stand is custom walnut stand for a 220g . I am not tracking costs too closely - she might ask and I do not want to know the answer - but it is easily over $2000 including the altums.

Beautiful tank pooky.
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