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Some help for a newbie.

Hey guys, the name is Cameron.

Just starting a planted tank in my 46 gallon. But im having trouble getting stuff together for the lighting.

Im making my own wooden hood and im really confused as what to buy for lighting? Ive read a few posts on here about it and still confused.
I live in the Uk so any Uk sites would be very helpful.

Ive got a 20W lighting controller that holds 1 bulb. But that wont suffice.

What other easy options are open to me?

fluorescent t5 bulbs? With a ballast? What do i plug them into etc?

LED's? How would i connect and plug them in etc?

Compact fluorescent lights? Where can i buy fittings + plug them into mains etc.

My local DIY shops are Homebase / BnQ / Wickes?
Any help in the form of a shopping list would be AMAZING!

I'm wanting this for my newly born son to act as a night light and have some pretty things to look at.
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