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The Blackwater-build jam session

So I got the idea from a combination of a reef forum doing it with nano tanks and seeing a decent amount of people on here are deciding to do 29 Blackwater setups.

This isnt a contest but just a show thread of what people have done and to share ideas.

Although on the other forum they established rules, I don't see any really needed.. except the tank can't be cycled before the date July 23rd 2013 and after let's say Sept 2012 just to ensure all tanks are from around same time.
open budget and open tank size although to me anything under 40gals is optimal since most people won't be looking to start one over that

Here is what's needed if you would like to do it:
- a plan of your build which biotope if any.
- tank size/volume, filtration, lighting, etc
-stocking ideas and plants (if any)
- your budget, it's of course whatever you decide to spend but document it for the books and people to reference too
- the goal of the tank



The tank is going to be a standard 29 gal with one fluorescent tube, it is currently set up a different way but is being moved and redone to this. It will be moved due to a large reef tank taking it's place. my goal is to try and make it appear a piece of nature was placed into the tank. I want to stick with species that are found in Blackwater southeast Asia.This is going to be mildly difficult because so far all I've seen I want for Blackwater from Asia needs more space. I plan to have the tank rearranged and started by mid august.

My budget is within $100usd because most of the needed stuff, I already have.
Tank- have already (can be $29 at dollar a gal)
Light- have already (got with tank decade ago)
Stand- have already (got with tank decade ago)
Filter- currently have aquaclear50 which can be had for $30usd
Substrate- currently red/black flourite but may switch (its $20 a bag)
Plants- various crypt species and some vals that are already in the tank.
Driftwood- free-50ish .going to be lots of top to bottom hopefully getting some manzanita but if I can do some DIY with oak/maple it would be best.
Fauna- defiantly some kuhli loaches, a gourami of some sorts and unsure of rest most likely dwarf rasbora.
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