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Had my first fish casualty - one of the rasboras went carpet surfing off the back of the tank.

On Saturday, I added 10 cardinal tetras from a LFS. Beautiful fish - they tend to swim mid tank unlike the rasboras.

The plants are growing nicely. No big algae growths as of yet. I'm treating the few remnants of my initial hair algae outbreak from when my tank first cycled, but it is pretty much under control.

Still watching how much light the tank receives. My par meter from Hoppy arrived and I tested it in the tank. The highest PAR reading that I was able to take from the bottom was about 70 which is in the front center. The driftwood and background block a lot of light. The white rock area on the left of the tank had a par of ~80 being closer to the surface. This puts the tank at a medium level of light. So far, so good. The hood is working nicely, keeping the lights 12"-13" above the level of the water.

I have another set of plants in the mail as I type. Included in this order are some foreground materials - 8 sq in of DHG Belem and a number of lobelia small form. To fill out the remaining of the mid/background, I also have some ludwigia palustris and rubin, and persicaria sp kawagoeanum. The driftwood is going to be picking up some flame moss.

Once this stuff gets plants, I'll post some additional photos.

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