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I left a bottle trap in last night and came out this morning to find everything inside but the scuds were dead, casualties: 7 sakura/pfrs, 1 cbs, 2 c. pygmaeus. I have tiny needle poked holes all over the top of the bottle trap so I don't think it's stagnant water.

I had previously trapped c. pygmaeus with rcs before for the same amount of time ~6hrs, and never had a casualty. Only difference is the hundreds of scuds. So they either (1) maliciously clawed the victims to shreds, or more likely they (2) scared/harassed them to death wiggling all over the bottle.

(1) if we look at the anatomy, the first 2 gammarus species is capable of shredding into prey with its large gnathopods/claw

(2) whereas the pulex only has prehensile legs

The ones that weren't mating were feasting on the corpses.

I'm not certain which species I have, the macro shot above was the best I have and the front pods are tucked in.

On a happier note, my filter box is blooming

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