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So, quick little update, I'm going to be ignoring this journal for a bit until I get some things with the tank straightened out. I really wish that I had bought ferts before I bought the plants, because I am notching that my plants, though surviving, are not really doing as well as they could be.

I think I'll be waiting on buying more plants until I at least have my fertilizer regime down, and some plants I won't bother getting until I get a pressurized CO2 system going (which probably won' happen until winter time). However, I did get timers and a nice Korolia Pump (just got back from vacation so I haven't set the pump up yet) so once I have the ferts the only element that I will be missing is the CO2 :\

Lesson learned, buy pressurized CO2 first, then buy ferts, then the lighting. I also lost 2 of the smaller angels for unknown reasons, so I only have 4 atm (but they at least are all doing fine). As far as plants go, I got some H.heteroclita that could be doing better (I need to buy more eventually) and some Aflame Swords that are hanging in there, along with a ton of willow moss and some more anubias. I'll update the list of what I have once I am satisfied with how plants are growing, since I feel the need to replace some of what I have and supplement some of my stem plant groupings with fresh new stems.
Learning experience I guess.

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