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HW-404B Canister/Outside filter? I hope I'm in the right forum...

I'm new to this type of filter as I was using the Whisper 30-60 for years in my 35 and 55 gallon with never a problem. Still using one in the 35 and replaced the 55 with a 180 tall. I decided to get two of these as they were offered from the vendor when I purchased the new tank, so I went with it as he advised against using the HOB for this volume of water.

They were more $$ than what's written in here, but they've been running 24/7 and quiet as a mouse. The tank is 180 with 7 Oscars, 3 pictus, 1 pleco, 1 zebra, and 1 eclipse/sun cat. The only thing that didn't impress me was the primer pump, which is really my problem, but both canisters are next to each other, as I didn't want to bore another hole in the base cabinet. So I got longer hose to reach the other end of the tank, making a longer run to prime. Other than that...I just stayed with it and kept turning the unit on and off, priming in between, and in minutes I was up and running.

The tank is not rimless thus the intake and output sat low in the tank. I ended up using industrial strength hook and loop on the glass and the tubes (using cable ties on the hose to hold the loops on as the loops were pulling off the tubes) and then setting the hoses higher to where they functioned for my app. The outputs are right to the top of the tank now, breaking the surface of the water and making a running water sound and you can lower it if you don't like the sound...(it's really not that loud).

Only one problem with the hook and loop is that I can't comfortably add my background, but I'll get around that somehow.

The "skimmer" actually works well for me now that it's in the right spot, and I can actually have the water level where I want it. I guess we'll be in touch as time goes on and see how they last. I think so far, good bang for the buck when you get the deals. I'm still not disappointed! :-)

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