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Originally Posted by invert1 View Post
I might consider CPDs/Galaxy Rasboras (whatever they're being called at the LFS now...) just given the size of the tank and I think they're beautiful little fish. I just saw you mentioned them as well and I think they'd be great in that tank.

Also, I used to keep Espei's Rasboras and they are beautiful fish when they settle in, with an electric but asymmetric orange band on them that's captivating. Underused fish IMO. I'd consider those as well.
Invert1, thank you so much for your kind words. I've really gotten the bug bad, and now I want to get a larger ADA tech, full high tech setup, and do a really nice aquascape. I think they are amazingly beautiful. Since I initially wrote up the section on fish, I've been going round and round, and now I'm leaning toward something in the very tiny rasboras line. There are quite a few that are incredibly tiny and will work with the scale of the tank. CPD's are still on my list, but definitely considering others, now. I originally thought I only wanted fish with color, but white fish actually pop against the dark blackground, so even some of the less spectacular fish can look good, I think.

Originally Posted by fishoutawater View Post
Bro your setup is awesome. Love those local rocks. As far as fish go, are you stuck on a schooled? How about some male endlers? They are very social and tiny to boot!
Thanks fishoutawater. I'm learning a lot this time around, so hopefully I can improve when I drop the big bucks on my next aquarium. I like the local rock, because I feel I have a connection to them. In fact, they come from near Crowders Mountain, a popular mountain for rock climbing, hiking, and I've thought about trying to reproduce that mountain in a larger aquascape. It will be challenging.

I really would like a schooling fish if possible. I've looked at the make endlers, and they are beautiful, but not quite what I'm after. I do appreciate your suggestion.

Originally Posted by maxwellag View Post
Nice tank! I was just wondering... Does the tank come with the 15w T8 light, or does it come with something else?
Maxwellag, thanks. The aquarium does come standard with the 15W T8 fixture. There are two downsides. The stock bulb tends to be on the red side and not very bright (at least visibly), and two, it is only 18" long while the tank is at 24" long. That creates some low light on the sides. In fact, the reason I typically have the image on the dark side is because the light range from high in the center to low on the sides is pretty hard to photograph.

Are you considering one? I think they are a great size, and a fun starter aquarium.
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