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Originally Posted by fplata View Post
where did you get all of the parts, this looks awesome
Thank, im pretty happy with it! I got pretty much everything from LED Group Buy. They are a sponsor here on the forum. It's pretty much one-stop shopping The aluminum spacers, extruded u-channel, and random nuts and bolts I got at Home Depot.

Off topic, if you don't have a multimeter, get one - it's very helpful when trouble shooting

Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Very cool, how much did all that cost you?
Well, I got free shipping for ordering on the 4th of July, but total around $500 including the controller. If I had built my own drivers, it would have been considerably cheaper. I also could have gone with cheaper LEDs, but the XT-E's are only about $4 apiece with comparable performance to an XP-G. I expect a huge difference in my electric bill. Soon enough, this fixture will pay for itself!

Originally Posted by sunyang730 View Post
You got a scary cat over there with nice LED eyes. LOL
Wow, I hadn't noticed that! Ha! She looks like a Cylon to me....

I just finished hanging this a minute ago. The difference is astounding! The shadows are sharper enhancing the texture of my rocks, the shimmer is pretty but not overwhelming, and there is only a small sliver of the tank that is in the dimmer portion of the beam. This is lower light than I had with the T5HO's (or at least it appears to be so) so I will see some slower growth, but that's what I was aiming for. Still, I'm seeing pearling almost immediately.

I will have to report back on the DIM4 controller, however. I have a suspicion that it will not dim as effectively as I want. We'll see!
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