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Originally Posted by CorallineAlgae View Post
Any updates? This has been great reading and your tank is beautiful.
Thanks! I've been enjoying it for the most part - School has kept me busy so I'm not updating as much.

The Apisto. macmasteri male got hole in the head and died - I didn't realize what was going on and when I realized, I started treatment but to no avail. The other fish including the Apistos seem fine and haven't shown any symptoms.

I did a 3 day black out because I was still having residual string algae issues. It wiped out the algae and my tiger lotuses - All of them save one. The tank is clean now but for future reference, I will remove the lotuses and place them in a sunny area for 3 days - All of mine melted and never recovered.

I will be replacing the lotuses and get another male macmasteri - One of the most beautiful fish I've owned.

I added 8 1" tiger barbs, they are fun to watch. I'll post pictures soon
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