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Quick Update

@ Platapus Gus, thanks!
@ theblondskeleton, I appreciate that! I'm trying to make the tree "lonely" so that's the theme anyways.

Well the E. Hydropiper arrived today and it was in a horrible state. Mushy, yellow and I'm skeptical that it will survive but I've done my best and now only time will tell if it will recover. I'm also pissed at the quantity I received given the cost but whatever; part of the problem was the Postal Service (how shocking) taking 4 days to deliver a "Priority" package (if that isn't a non sequitur I don't know what is). Either way I can adapt to lileopsis if necessary. But I am not a happy camper right now. On the upside, the anubias nana came in and they were in excellent condition; the anubias pettite also arrived, but they were exceptionally tiny and I was disappointed about that too, but fortunately everything was in really pristine condition. I highly recommend buying from Gordon Richards at least for his anubias as they're dark green, algae free with a strong root system on the larger sizes and a nice firm rhizome. Pics to come soon...

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