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Originally Posted by aweeby View Post
i would seal it well with saran wrap, refrain from opening seal, and put all 3 bulbs in. this will keep the humidity high. during dry start, the more light the better it'll grow in. you could probably even run some desklamps on the sides.
Thank you for your input aweeby. I have taken your advice as far as saran wrapping the tank because I felt like it wasn't humid enough.

>Picture of tank saran wrapped

Attachment 51133

>Close up picture of the overlap

Attachment 51134

I also taped up the sides to make sure the seal was tight enough. I didn't want to hook up the 3rd light because the plastic cover for the lights doesn't fit right with the third light. I suppose I could mess with it and make it fit; although, I feel like I might burn out the HC with to much light. I am already using 2 coralife 24w 10,000k bulbs and running them for 12 hours a day.

A few questions come to mind as I am trying to refrain myself from messing with the tank.

1. How do I know that it's wet enough inside the tank?
2. How do I know that it's humid enough inside the tank?
3. How often should I be opening the seal and spraying?
4. Should I fill the water to the point below the substrate or should spray frequently?


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