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Monster Energy Drink is attacking Monster Aquaria Network

As many of you are probably already aware, Monster Aquaria Network needs your help! I have worked for the network for the past six years, and the owner of the sites is a close personal friend as well as a major supporter of my business and many conservation efforts, conventions, and clubs within the hobby. He hosts forums for local clubs for free (including CCA, PVAS, ACA and CCAC).

Monster Energy Company has issued a cease and desist letter which is trying to limit our use of the letter “M” in our logo, as well as the word “Monster” in our name in relation to merchandising of clothing, accessories, and stickers.

More information about their demands can be found on a blog that was created to shed light on this situation.

The demands that they are making are extremely restrictive and unfair and also include the use of the colors black or green.

We have created a Facebook group to band together and share information.

There is a petition which has also been started. Please sign it and share it with anyone that you can. The sale of t-shirts and merchandise is how we offset some of the costs of running the network, and helps us to keep it free for all of our members which are found all over the world. It also allows us to sponsor conventions (including this fall's Catfish Convention as well as the recent ACA).

Right now the petition is nearing 2000 signatures. With over 200,000 members worldwide, we can do better than this! Please visit the site and add your signature to the growing list of supporters.

While we firmly believe we would win if taken to court, Monster Energy would have a limitless amount of appeals which would quickly drain our resources. The only way to fight a corporate entity such as this is to make your voice heard by signing the petition, emailing or calling the company, and doing a total boycott of their products.

Already newspapers and blogs around the country are taking note. An article was put in the Consumerist:

We are also being supported by Dr. Foster's and Smith, TFH Magazine, Amazonas Magazine, and Planet Catfish (including their European group).

Please take the time to make anyone aware that you can of this issue. It is very near and dear to my heart.
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