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Originally Posted by Liacon View Post
This is really helping me, so thank you. Just to address a few things:
1. I like the look of discus (they're my favorite fish), but after researching a bit about them, I have to agree with you guys that they're too much work for me.
2. I'm really struggling about canister vs. Hang-on. My stand would be better with hang-on's because its empty under-neath, so if I got the canister, I would also have to buy a different stand which would cost much more $. The flip side is that, as you've pointed out, canister's are better in pretty much every regard.
3. Thank you Diana for the width idea- what does everyone else think? Does it make for better scapes?
4. In the end, I still don't know about lights or substrate. A few more opinions and I think I'll be ready to choose some out.
5. I'll get a suction cup thermometer, I just already had a stick on from my bettas tank
6. Thank you all again. With the things I learned from you guys, I think I could write a book.
1. Great.
2. I'd go either way. Hanging a dark (black?) sheet under the aquarium can hide underneath discretely and provide opportunity for storage.
3. Right on Diana. The smallest dimension is usually the most limiting factor.
4. Anything is possible if planned properly. Suit these to the plants you are interested in keeping.
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