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Originally Posted by dthb4438 View Post
Hey Braves fan - I was trying to send you a PM (message) about being a Braves fan but I don't think that you made that option. I am a huge Braves fan also! So will you be sad when Chipper Jones retires? He's kind of gimpy now.

Will be a nice tank when you get it filled out. I have some Narrow leaft Java fern if you want to put any of that on the wood. It would look nice. All I ask is for $ shipping. Let me know.
I am going to go to the HOF when he gets inducted :-P I am only abut 3 hours away so I go every year the last week of march with my grandfather. I am DEF going to miss him but with all the injuries the last few years its not going to be quite as hard as It would have been had he played 150+ games a season the last 5 :-P

Originally Posted by flowerfishs View Post
nice driftwood!
TY I literaly looked at 700 + pieces before I decide don that one. I really like it a lot.

Originally Posted by togified View Post
might want to boil the driftwood once it sink befor oyu do anything else to the tank.

Its going to grow some white fungus. which can be food for shrimp and oto. but looks really ugly.
unfortunatly I have no way to boil it or I DEF would have. I figure its going to take 6 months or so to look really the way I want so I dont mind TOO much if its kind of eh for a few months

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