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Post Oceanic Biocube 14g Iwaguim Shrimp Tank

Last Updated: 12/21/12
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Currently, I am doing a DSM...



Hello Everyone!

I'm fairly new to this hobby, but let me say that I was sucked right in and now I can't stop. lol

After a previous complete tank disaster, I have learned to take things much slower.

This is my first journal and I have decided to try the DSM with HC for the first time.

The following are the specifications of my aquarium setup:

1. Oceanic Biocube 14g - I have modded the tank in several ways. First, I modded chamber 1 for extra flow, secondly I've added an inTank 3 stage filter in chamber 2, and thirdly swapped out the stock fans and upgraded. (If you would like specifics/how-to please ask)

2. Coralife 10,000k 24w 13" bulbs x2 - This should give me MEDIUM LIGHT if I run one light and HIGH LIGHT if I run both according to Hoopy's PAR chart.

3. Eco-Complete Substrate - Which has been rinsed and dried out due to my last tank catastrophe.

4. DIY Paintball Co2 System - Which I just got off Craigslist and havenít tried yet. Probably wonít be able to because I have to wait for the DSM to finish first.

Now, I want to share the photo's!

>Tank with Eco-Complete Only
Attachment 51100

>Added Seiryu Stones
Attachment 51101

>Added HC - Day 1 of DSM
Attachment 51102

>Tank with Eco-Complete Only
Attachment 51103

>Added Seiryu Stones
Attachment 51104

>Added HC - Day 1 of DSM
Attachment 51105

>Trying to get the humidity up by keeping the lights on and misting often
Attachment 51106

>2 Coralife 10,000k 24w 13" Bulbs
Attachment 51107

>Taped off an area where moisture can escape
Attachment 51108

Attachment 51109

>See what happens when you mess with my tank? I eat you!
Attachment 51110

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