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So far I'm getting mixed results. The grass has sprouted new growth and I cut down old growth that was starting to decay. As for the ground cover, bba is forming on the HC but it seems to be doing alright. I think its from lack of flow. Hopefully that can be fixed with a little hagen elite internal power filter. The roots are starting to take hold and are pearling even more than before. On the surface of the substrate, a green Hugh from what i addume is gsa is starting to become visible. I raised my lights up to try and combat this and I'll see how it goes.

As for co2 and surface skimming, I used a Gatorade bottle and cut the top off and sealed the bottom part of my filter inside it. Then made a hole in the bottom and sealed tubing into that so that the filter draws its flow from the tubing. Then I used a Tetra whisper air operated filter body at the top of the water and hooked the tubing to that so it pulled water from the surface, while keeping the proteins in the water to be used by the plants.

Idk how this will work out but I'll probably end up changing something around eventually

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