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CryptKeeper54's Fluval Edge

My Fluval Edge 6 gallon tank arrived today. I'm late to the party, but going to enjoy this setup. Nice and contemporary design. LED lighting could be more intense, definitely less intense then my eheim aquastyle lights, but the spectrum of 7600K is very pleasing to the eyes. Makes my eheim aquastyle lights look yellow. Checking for leaks. Silicone seams are not bad (looking at ADA tanks just spoiled my perception of every other tank out there as far as quality and build). Plastic base and top seems a bit flimsy but serves its purpose. I think I'm gonna have a friend build a replica base with koa wood. That wood look pimp, classy and highend as hell. Anyways, always fun to start with a blank slate.

Going to use Fluval Stratum... plants I'm thinking of using: Crypt wendtii in corners, anubias nana petite used as borders, s.repens somewhere, crypt parva as foreground, branchwood and stones (forgot name...yamana stone? Got to check LFS Aquascapes for name). Will plan for a low maintenence tank. The more I look at the tank, the more I think it needs white decorative sand somewhere to brighten up the tank. Comments and suggestions welcomed. Going to donate this tank to a friend. Building this tank for the sake of

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