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Updates on the tank. Finally got a balance algae except below the gravel bed in the front of the glass and some gsa that i dont know how to combat except to scrub it off every now and then. i have some left over fish in there from the big tank (they didnt school well so i decided to move them)

Elatine carpet taking off. Plan to trim sometime this week and place in another tank without co2 and see how it does.

Pantanal growing to the top. The only healthy growing stem (others seem to have slight deficiencies?). It hasnt colored on the tips like i want it too but im not sure if thats just because of the halide.

Got my hands on two t5ho units that have 2 bulbs each. Gona move the halide fixture up front a little and slap a t-5 unit on the back (back tall plants seem to suffer the most since no light reaches in the back corners)

I must say t-5 bulbs seem alot brighter than metal halide...although halide gives the shimmering effect, t-5 seems to brighten up the plants more...maybe its just me.

(also sorry about the pictures in the last post, i deleted them without moving them to the proper folder)
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