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Nice set up! What are your thoughts on the Fugeray light? I have the same one and it seems a bit too weak?
Love it. For this depth tank it is really the perfect intensity. If your tank is deeper I could see how you might have a problem though.

Nice tank and really like the Ramshorns.

For a while I had some very nice Reds that hag a gold tint to the shell. I put a few zipper loaches in that tank and wiped them out.

I've been looking through my tanks for some like that. I have the more normal reds & browns.
If you are interested, I have more than I need really. Send me a PM.

great looking tank, i have heard somewhere that blyxa can be grown without CO2 as well as long as you have medium to high light. Light is an important factor with blyxa,
I have heard both ways about blyxa and CO2, but obviously it isn't necessary. Good medium lighting like this and its good to go.
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