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so i just keep cherrys and i guess they are not as sensitive but i was thinking of maybe getting a cheap air can style co2 set about 7 you know the ones you press the can down and it releases and fills the chamber up and i think you press it like 2 times a day or something to keep it topped up? i could be wrong bad side is when your away it wont keep topped up

but... i just have java moss and xmas moss that grows pretty fast anyway (also made about 20 on trimmings of it put on ebay so far) so i was thinking a little co2 could help

i do run a sponge filter and an airstone as well so the water is pretty agitated would that make a difference to the co2? i have never thought about it till reading this thread and would the o2 being pumped in to the water through the airstone and filter make a difference?

i do like the sound of a co2 diffuser for an airstone cos they look nicer the ceramic ones and the bubbles are very fine guess that would help to dissolve it quicker?
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